About Us

We began our journey with the colors in 1991 to caliber the demand of textile dyestuffs, then perfectly imported into India. The sphere offers a complete range of textile and paper dyestuffs and superlative performance pigments. It has the distinction of manufacturing several dyestuffs and coloring for the first time in India.

The manufacturing and research facilities are located in Sharma Dye Chem. Co Delhi. We are a passionate Technical Services laboratory in Sharma Dye Chem. Co. We deliver cornerstone result to our customer; our key priority is on application development and simulates functions performed by the clients such as Continuous dyeing, Exhaust dyeing, Semi-continuous dyeing, Printing and many more.

Our Products

As we are well-known for our excellent products, this shows our demand in market.
At the Sharma Dye Chem. Co. We always constantly focus on implement new products, and we keep an eye on the quality of our products, and we make it budget package & build them more eco-friendly.

All-Purpose Textile Dye

All textile Printing Colors


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